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Brand protection is very important for businesses and should be done as soon as it is established. Why is trademark protection registration so important? Why do businesses use our services?

Learn about trademark registration

We need to understand the essence of a “brand” is trademark products and services All assets are protected under the intellectual property rights of the business. Trademark Registration requires that we submit an application to the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office to grant a Certificate of Trademark Protection. Businesses will be protected in terms of their rights and benefits to the brand.
Brand protection is an important activity for every business. Actually, the business may not be registered for trademark protection. However, by legalizing the ownership of brands and trademarks, enterprises can publicize their brand ownership in all forms of mass media.

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Why do businesses need to register for trademark protection?

Forming and developing products and services is a process that takes away a lot of brainpower and enthusiasm from business owners. Registration is a way for businesses to protect their brands against negative circumstances. The most basic benefits of brand protection that businesses need to understand are:

  • Building legal tools for monopoly protection.
  • Second, protecting against the risk of intellectual property infringement.
  • Third, increasing the value of goods/services for businesses.
  • Fourth, improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Trademark protection not only ensures property rights but also increases the value of intangible assets in enterprises. In Vietnam, many business units recognize the value of registration and trademark protection. In fact, there aren’t many business owners who have complete and detailed knowledge of intellectual property law. Enterprises carrying out protection registration need help from specialized units.

Trademark Protection Registration Services

Understand the highly competitive and high-risk market. If businesses have delays in registration, they may lose that protection. MCA Brand supports business units wishing to register for trademark protection.
MCA Brand has experience with intellectual property registration documents. We make the registration process the most standard and fastest process. Lawyers will support during registration process.
Trademark protection takes time to review. Don’t lose your brand-building enthusiasm because of the long procedures. ContactMCA Brand for support today!


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