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Brand identity design

Thiết kế bộ nhận diện thương hiệu
Thiết kế bộ nhận diện thương hiệu

Businesses need to focus on core values and competitive advantages. Brand identity plays a very important role in the positioning and development orientation of the company. Most customers make decisions based on emotions when contacted about products, services, businesses, and brands.

Brand identity concept

We want to know why identity is important to a business. Businesses must first understand what a brand identity design is. Business owners understand what their identity is.
Brand identity is a set of tangible elements of a brand. All work together to create a unique and memorable experience in the minds of their customers. It will include the following components: name, logo, tagline, slogan, color, symbol,… each design is different and stands out from the competition.


The importance of brand identity in business.

Whether the business is large or small, customers recognize and remember the brand, product, and company – all starting with the brand. A set of brands that are properly professionally invested will have a large business impact.

1. Tools to convey the core values of the business

A strong and complete brand identity promotes a level of communication with customers.
At the same time, a professionally invested logo and identity will show that the business is responsive to customers’ needs.

2. Consumers recognize products quickly and accurately.

Strong brand image sets itself apart from competitors. This enhances the ability of users to recognize products and services when compared to competitors. If an identity image can make a difference, it will have a major impact on customers’ purchasing decisions.

3. Increase Business Value

The value of a professional identity includes customer service and investment partners. It effectively supports the process of calling for investment capital, or bidding for large projects.

4. Brand identity affects customer loyalty

Consumer psychology is often affected by different factors when deciding to buy. A strong brand image builds customer loyalty. Once customers are loyal to the brand, they will always consider it a “priority brand.”

At the same time, the professionalism of the brand identity also helps the staff feel more confident. It will push customers to quickly decide to buy. It will push customers quickly to decide to buy.

What does the brand identity include?

  • Core identity set: Business name, tagline, logo, etc.
  • Brand identity for Office: Business card, Letterhead, Envelope, Invoice, Employee card, Employee uniform.
  • Brand identity of the product: Product packaging design, Warranty card, Product sticker, and product use guidelines.
  • Outdoor brand identity: banners, billboards, agency signs, front office signs, company logos,…
  • Marketing brand identity: Catalog, Brochure, Leaflets, Brochures, Capability profile, Website, TVC, and more.

Frequently asked questions about design services of MCA Brand

Cost of implementing a quality brand identity

Answer:In order to have a reasonal quotationfor brand identity design MCA Brand needs specific information about businesses and products from its clients. MCA Brand will then do in-depth research to give the best quotation for its clients.

What commitments does MCA Brand have?

Answer: With every identity design project, we are committed to design quality. These terms are clearly stated in the contract.

Brand Identity is the foundation for building and developing positive brand awareness. Enterprises are completely confident, leaving many competitors in the race for brand positioning and pricing. Contact us via hotline or email to get consulting.

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